Everything You Need, All the Camp Gear.

We Create Back-Road Campers for every trail and place on the West Coast Islands

Built to new & created for a unique adventure.  Whether its a Tofino Escape or an Independent adventure or Road trip through the back roads or logging trails to get you to the most unique hiking trails

Our units are Off Grid ready with everything you need at the campsite and on the road to create the best adventure and most epic travel plans.

Your Perfect Vancouver Island Explorer!

  • Affordable daily Campervan rental rates.
  • Solar Power for all your devices!
  • Unique Colors and Styles➜Every Campervan .
  • Unlimited mileage on Vancouver Island
  • The Most spacious interiors in its class
  • Off Grid Ready, Solar installation & powered food storage
  • Free picnic chairs, BBQ Cook & All the Camping gear
  • Free bedding and duvets/comforters.
  • Easy to understand insurance terms and rental conditions.
  • No compulsory insurance.
  • No vehicle preparation fees.
  • We rent to 21 years+ (no extra charges for under 25s)
  • Island Wide service & Roadside assistance available
  • Multiple drivers at no extra cost.
  • We only require a  deposit to book. You don’t pay the balance until 2 weeks before you arrive
  • Friendly, personal service and local knowledge and tips to help you and your camper get off the beaten track.
  • No hidden costs
  • Reliable and modernized Campervans 

Campers for every type of Camper!