We Connect The Back Country to Your Adventure

Whether back country, or cross country, we have  the right size camper vans for a solid trip with all the amenities you will use every day, without any of the over the top add ons that would add extra cost to your vaycay…



We build campers in 3 styles:
– Back Road Campers
– Touring Campers 
– Vintage Classic VW Bus’s

  • Because we own our fleet, your vacation is guaranteed, We don’t do AirBnB style rentals where owners can change their mind; Or more commonly where there is damage from a previous rental with no replacements .
  • Plan securely knowing we have many different options and auxiliary campers to choose from at any point if your plans change or you want something else for your trip.
  • In the event of flight or travel delays outside of your control, get automatic credit to change your dates, or rebook for future dates.
Rental Terms
3 quick tips that change your trip for the better!

save yourself hours and get to that lake or destination fast! these are the best 3 things we see our happiest campers plan for!

Download your Spotify 

Vancouver island has a surprising lack of connectivity, but that’s part of disconnecting and taking a break to relax… Remember to remember Music makes the world better and bring along some joy.

Ferry Snacks!

Make a Sandwich the night before!,
The ferry rideis full of scenery, and you might even see whales! it happens all the time.
but you got to be on the top deck and not in the galley 


Shop your Groceries online!

This is a massive time saver, Spend your day at the lake! Not hours at the grocer weekend lineups.
If your traveling or cant get online – let us know and we can sort this for you.

The Best Top Vancouver Island Questions when Renting our Campervans

Tofino and Ucluelet are easily the top destinations on Vancouver island, and It can get busy. For this reason only its recommended to book a campsite. If you cant find a site or if everything seems all booked up, give us a holler, we’ll let you know the Do’s and Don’ts of Boondocking in that area!

Campgrounds in Tofino and Ukie

AirBnB style cleaning fees are the WORST! And who wants to spend their last day cleaning when there’s important beaches to do, and bevies to see!

Keep the camper reasonably clean and tidy like a human, and we will take care of the rest, excessively dirty campers may be subject to charges… 

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes …and a full tank of gas starting with and after your vacation
We get it, sometimes there’s a ferry to catch, or delay otherwise that prevented it.

No issue, if this happens we will fill it when back at our base in Coombs, email the receipt, and cover the charges with your booking to make it easy and effortless!
( but still, you should fill it)

We pride ourselves with being able to provide rentals that have the most freedom and access to the best place on the islands. That being said, there is a difference between backroads and van busting 4X4 style off-roading.

We detail the difference pretty well in our rental terms, in brief –  backroads that are maintained gravel roads and logging roads are 100% ok.

Areas where no road exists, Unmaintained gravel roads, Excessively muddy roads or Anywhere a vehicle could get stuck or damaged due to the conditions are not ok.

All our Campers are under 18 feet and should be ok with any Campground we have met. They also get the cheaper length BC Ferry rate.

It wasn’t so long a go that any local who grew up here would pick a blue dot on a map, call it a lake… and drive out and find it on the many logging roads.

Boondocking, Wild camping, adventure camping.. whatever you call it, is everywhere on Vancouver Island and generally allowed on Crown land unless you see a sign. 

We have a Map for all our vans that will show you every area and even roads you can go that are not even on Google Maps.

To help maximize out bookings, we have a 5 day minimum on our site.
If you have an event or just need a quick break or getaway, email us direct and we will set you up!

But to be honest… the people we see who seem to have the best trips usually have one day of relax to any one day of travel…so we personally don’t recommend less than 4….even if that means calling into work with the fake flu that’s going around…Or using our solar powered Campers with our starlink gear(needs requesting before booking) so you can work from home… by some random lake.

Um…Only thing you need are your swim trunks and maby a sandwich for the ferry.

Each camper is a lil different, but amenities you can expect include:
• Kitchen & Cooking Items:
o Dishes – 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 coffee mugs, 2 glass mugs
o Cutlery – 4 Steak knives, 4 regular knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons
o Cooking Utensils – scissors, spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, tongs, potato peeler
o Cookware – Cast iron set of 10-inch fry pan, 3-quart chicken fryer with lid, 10-inch Dutch oven with lid
o Coffee Percolator
o Colander and mixing bowl
o Silicone oven mitts
o 1 table cloth, 2 dish towels, 2 dishcloths
o Dawn Dish soap
o Coleman cooler or Mini fridge **varies by model of vehicle
o 2 burner propane camp stove
o Propane barbeque
o 2 small propane tanks
• Bedding items:
o Set of sheets – 1 fitted, 1 flat, 2 pillowcases
o 2 Pillows
o Duvet
o Wool fire-retardant blanket
o Towels – 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels
• Miscellaneous Items:
o Flashlight
o Garbage Can
o 2 camping chairs
o Folding table
o Dustpan and broom
• Safety items:
o Fire extinguisher
o First Aid kit

… oh and a hammock!

Curmudgeon-ing is a great pastime!
Unfortunately we cant build campervans for every walk of life, and because our campers sometimes get confused with full amenity full sized RV’s, because of our great prices…

Don’t fall for it, our campers are quite adroit, and very capable.. but not RV’s, no matter how motivating the price may be.

The tires we use are top notch rugged 10 ply tires, get you to more places in 2WD than most All-Wheel-Drive rigs w/ ours;   
And to be honest, since our tire shop made us start buying them…and since we make sure to always have a new set on every camper before they get to 50%… we have only seen 1 flat in the last number of years. 

But if something WERE to happen, of any point, or for any reason on your trip.

Get ahold of us darn-it!!! 
We’ll get you sorted up as fast as can happen. We have a convo dedicated line app for all our ‘in-rental customers’ that works 18 hours a day with both cell towers or WiFi connections for the best coverage on the island. 

Different Vans were built for different things, so lets pick with a great trip and a Camper match together!

Some of our Campers have been build for the back country here on Vancouver island, others have been built for the distance.

Every year we see our campers go from here to the Rocky Mountains, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Jasper. We even have travelers as go so far as New Orleans, down the West Coast California and over to Arizona before the Nevada festival starts… and during winter, the Baja California peninsula.

let us know your plans and we’ll build the adventure.

A fantastic easy to use ferry service is opening for 2024 called hullo!
It will jet you directly from downtown Vancouver right to our drop off point in Nanaimo.
This will be quickest way to Tofino, avoid the notoriously slow traffic backups coming out of Victoria City on the Malahat highway, 2 hours of drive tme and even save a bit of gas

There are several more ways, Easy affordable by bus, car – let us help book a ferry over,  plane… sea plane (which is always a fun experience and sometimes not as costie as most would think) and even public transit has been made easy.

Give us a call or email us with your plans and we’ll make planning easy

We get this question a lot from travelers from over seas, and also from people driving from provinces who want a bit of freedom without the hotel cost… who first only planned to see the City of Van’groovy,
Vancouver island is Dope, give us a DM and we’ll do everything to maximize your time and experience here in Beautiful British Columbia

Our Coombs location has gated, secured, camera’d  parking and storage facilities.
Easy peasy.

FYI Coombs conveniently has very Instagram-able ‘goats on the roof’ , access to the best ice-cream on the island, and every brick-a-brack / knick-knack / hard to find interesting things-shop, that may help you get all your Christmas shopping done till 2035… its wonderful!

There are 195 countries in the world today, not all of them are attached to the main banking Swift or IBAN payment networks.

We accept Crypto, Paypal and Cash. 
We prefer Visa, Mastercard or American Express.. but being travelers ourselves, and having the chance to see many great places of the world… we know these payment methods are not always accessible to everyone who is here in Canada and those who will be visiting.
Give us a shout, we will set you up.

email us !!!  here ➘