The finest hotel on the island! … will be your Camper Van!

Rather than create original content, were gonna get back to building vans… here’s some great blogs and a real great perspective from peeps that we think we should give credit to

Weekend Warrior Trips or More

Tofino | Jordan River | Port Renfrew | The Whole Island
This is an excellent Blog from someone who has spent some time here!!
Credit where credit due, check out 

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4- day

Early clock out Friday, and Catch the ‘Flu’ Monday… Or maby its a long Weekend.
These are some pretty solid beaches for any get-away

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Get off the Beaten Track and get the Most Unique Experience

Guided tours that will take you to places you probably wont find yourself and a bit of area knowledge and history to boot.

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A ton of great advice, realistic road trips and timelines and tips

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The Mandagies

For trips along the PNW they have some great things to dive into, also our Island too

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The Best of Vancouver

There’s tons of ideas for almost anything that will let you try new  to get you going for great trip ideas just weekend ideas.

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This is Vancouver Island!