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Everything To Know about your first VW Camper trip

Any VW Camper offers something truly unique, if you start following our instagram feed soon you will be able to start seeing first hand the great adventurse people have. 

With three new additions to the fleet added this winter from all over North America. Finding Converting and beautifying these for a road trip back to the West coast here in Canada… It was an amazing experience, and I’m already eager to travel back to find even more for another trip after this New 2023 Summer season 

Everyone easily falls in love with retro VW Campers, I can guarantee you that spending only a few minutes with one can convince anyone to book one for the next holiday.
However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making the decision to rent a classic VW Camper Van.

Without further ado, Here’s Lets Go Campers top tips for stress-free glamping in a VW Camper Van:

    1. Including driving the camper,
    2. Being flexible with your journey,
    3. Packing light,
    4. Using storage wisely,
    5. Being the center of attention with these unique creatures

Prepare to Go Slow When Driving the Camper
If you’re renting a classic camper not even the 80’s style most common these days; You’ll be renting a vehicle between 40 and 50 years old.
The technology is fine, but different than modern day vehicles. Just as if we think about how different our phones are today than any phone a number of decades ago…they both work, but they are verrrry different.
These vans are therefore slower than modern cars, with a top speed of 90 KM  per hour (if you’re lucky, and going downhill). Be prepared for this and plan accordingly.

Forget What You Know About Driving a Car
You’ll need to pay close attention to everything we share and walk through with you, we also have a nice laminated card to reference for later about your VW van, because your steering wheel, wipers, and lights will be engaged differently, and your hand brake will be nothing like you’ve seen before. You’ll also have to get used to a massive turning circle, so take extra care when maneuvering. In a classic camper, everything is a hazard, so be extra careful.

Be Flexible With Your Journey
Because campers can be slow, difficult to handle, and complicated to drive, you might want to re-think long drives, windy roads, and scenic detours. I mean do all these things! But don’t forget that people weren’t in a rush to be somewhere back then as we are now. 

Double or triple the time you think it would take to get somewhere in a Modern car, plan a couple stops along the way ….these vans it is truly about the journey. If you are in a rush or have deadlines, we have plenty of Modern Touring campers that may just suite you trip better.

Here with the VW’s –  there’s a balancing act between doing your vacation tour you want, and doing what’s best for your camper van. It’s all part of the fun, so don’t panic if you have to take a detour and change plans last minute.

Pack Light
Although most people picture camper vans are much bigger than your average car or SUV, these are really not… space can be limited.
LetsGo Campers will  provide all the kitchen utensils you need, Sleeping bags, and more.
As a rule of thumb, take half of what you think you’ll need, particularly clothes. It’s also a good idea to take things that serve multiple purposes, such as 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Anything you don’t have that turns out to be essential can be bought once you get there!

Use Your Storage Wisely
VW Camper vans have clever storage and are ingeniously designed although not all these are original, we have done our best to replicate the design.. with a few modern touches.
At the first possible opportunity, unpack and make the most of the inbuilt storage. Ideally, all you will want to move each time are your outside items (deck chairs, table, etc.) and your suitcases. The last thing you want to be doing is unpacking/repacking every time you move to a different campsite. 
Before your trip, pack to utilize the roof yop baskets. they are not just for style and can be extremely functional when making room inside the camper.

Get Used to Being the Center of Attention
Renting a VW Bus Or Westfalia is a great idea, they are beautiful, with a design of an iconic shape, sometimes considered a work of art, and great colors that pop… We found ourselves at the centre of attention everywhere we went all the way back to Canda… It’ll be no surprise that you will be the center of attention too.

The first rule of driving a VW Camper is that you have to wave!

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